Reindeer Husbandry

The metabolism in reindeer is adapted to make the most of unproductive ecosystems, and it is capable of thriving with natural pastures, eliminating dependence on productive land.

Arctic forests are a vast large territory where reindeer herding is a land-use form. It is almost impossible to grow crops, therefore, reindeer is a source of food for the land that otherwise would be useless or inefficient to produce.

Arctic forests are divided by area and, in each one, only an amount of reindeer are allowed to live. The distribution keeps the equilibrium and diversity of the ecosystem and avoids devastating environmental impact.

Every year Nordic countries’ governments authorize the surplus of reindeer for consumption.

Highly Sustainable

— Reindeer live in the Arctic Forest, one of the cleanest places on the planet with the purest water and air.

— Reindeer husbandry is the livelihood of Sami people and many families in the Arctic regions.

— Reindeer husbandry is closely connected to the ecology, economy, and culture in the Arctic region.

— Reindeer is the only semi-domesticated animal living in the wilderness but owned by people, mostly indigenous, the Sami people.

— Reindeer herder’s lifestyle has passed down from generation to generation since 2-3 thousand years ago.


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