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We are a Finnish family running successful businesses in Lapland since 1969. Our Pokka Reindeer Meat Company is a modern eco-friendly processing facility supplying an exceptional choice for premium reindeer meat. We are proud to provide a wide variety of premium products to retail grocery chains, wholesalers, and foodservice establishments worldwide.

Reindeer meat

One of the best red meat choices for the health-conscious consumer

High in vitamins. Vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. Reindeer meat has 1.6 – 3.5 micrograms per 100g. An adult requires around 6 micrograms per day. Reindeer meat also has a high content of Selenium, Zinc, Iron, and Omega-3 for a healthier heart and for good cholesterol. 

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Antibiotics Hormones and Steroids Free

Reindeer feed freely in the artic forests on more than 300 different plants and lichens without any antibiotic. This diet is antioxidant-rich and also minerals-rich. The rich diet of reindeer not only contributes to the reindeer’s excellent health but also make reindeer meat very tasty, mild, lean, moist, and flavoursome.


Plenty of Protein

A 100g of reindeer meat contains 20g to 24g of protein. An average sedentary man needs 56g of protein per day while a woman needs about 46g per day, according to DRI (Dietary Reference Intake). Reindeer meat is free of carbohydrates which makes reindeer meat favorable for a low-carb diet.


Other Health Benefits

Low in fat and healthy. Reindeer meat has only 2-4% fat per 100g, lower than the rest of red meat, and is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Reindeer meat has as many as 50-60% of unsaturated oleic acids, which reduces harmful cholesterol. Reindeer meat is a unique tasting and nutritious food from nature.

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