We are proud to provide a wide variety of premium reindeer meat products to retail grocery chains, wholesalers and foodservice establishments.

Pokka Reindeer Meat is an environmentally friendly meat processing facility supplying the best choice for natural meat

Pokka Reindeer Meat facilities are located in the Finnish Arctic and have been built taking advantage of technology to reduce energy use, to save time and to eliminate livestock waste through utilisation of almost 100% of the reindeer. Reindeer live in the wilderness of Artic regions and are owned by herders, most of them Sami indigenous. Arctic forests are a vast large territory where reindeer herding is a land-use form. It is almost impossible to grow crops, therefore, reindeer is a source of food for the earth that would otherwise be useless or inefficient to produce anything else we want to eat.

Arctic forests are classified by areas and in each area it is allow to lives certain quantity of reindeer to keep equilibrium of ecosystem and environmental diversity and to avoid devastating environmental impact Therefore, the reindeer surplus is authorized by the governments of the northern countries to be consumed. Source of meat processed in Pokka Reindeer Meat factory is coming from sustainable livestock. As a result, Pokka Reindeer Meat utilise all resources to provide premium reindeer meat with almost no livestock waste, energy saving, methods of production with basic welfare standards to deliver high food protein and energy values regarding resources consumed.