Our Facilities

Pokka Reindeer Meat facilities are located in the Finnish Arctic. Our cutting edge technology saves time, reduces energy use, and eliminate livestock waste by utilizing almost 100% of the reindeer.


We have adopted robust traceability practices giving us the capability to rapidly identify and track every step from receipt through processing, packaging, and shipping to the exact customer location. Our product labels make it clear how the meat is produced and, the information recorded on the label can be read so that all steps of production and supply are traceable.

Cutting Edge Technology

INNOVA software installed in our production line enables us to have traceability and visibility into the global food supply chain. INNOVA allows us to isolate any quality issues, identifies and quarantines all suspect material, in real-time during production and on file for future reference, making traceability information quickly available.

Highest Hygiene Controls

We apply the principles of food safety risk management and implement hygiene programs carried out by personnel with the appropriate training, knowledge, skills, and ability as defined by the competent authority.


Contact us

Harri Pokka
Owner, CEO

Nikkarinkuja 5
96910 Rovaniemi, Finlandia
VAT number: F120692147

Tel +358 50 367 7454

Office +358 50 475 5061